Sell Your Motorcycle

Purchase and sales

Using agents and dealers to sell your motorcycle or other vehicle, trade it in, or buy a new car or van can sometimes be a confusing process, leaving you wondering whether you’ve really struck the best deal you could.

I aim to make it a simple, worry-free transaction.  I operate a fixed and transparent commission scheme, so you know upfront exactly how much you’re paying me to arrange the purchase or sale.  For sales, you’ll receive the proceeds, less my fee. For purchases, you’ll pay the best price I can get for the car or van, and only when the deal is agreed to your satisfaction, pay my fee.

Please call today for all selling fees

If there are other expenses associated with the sale or purchase, I’ll explain and agree these with you at before we start. These might include:

  • Advertising
  • Fuel
  • Travel expenses for collection/delivery
  • Valeting
  • Servicing and mechanical repairs
  • Bodywork and cosmetic repairs